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Looking for a hassle free holiday, a holiday with no additional baggage on your mind, a host who knows exactly what you are looking for and caters to it exactly when you are looking for it? Then you have come to the right place, the ultimate host you looked for to take care of all your traveling needs - from taking you across the length and breadth of this beautiful island to ensuring that your stay here is as exquisite as Sri Lanka actually is, LECS Travels will be your partner throughout your journey from the time you set foot to the time you bid farewell.

With years of hands on experience as Sri Lanka’s most prominent MICEtourism organizer, LECS Travels have proven their professionalism, passion and commitment in providing those who visit this beautiful island an experience par excellence.

Different to any other Travel companies operating within the island we provide tailor made packages to suit your holiday the one you wanted it to be. Our general packages like culture, nature, adventure and other unique packages like sports tours, culinary tours, camping tours are among many others revealing experiences and discoveries within this enchanting and splendid nation.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your stay here is actually what you imagined it to be, and our passion in creating a once in a life time holiday for you, your family or your associates has no limits. We are indeed your partner and friend that would help you discover the beauty of our island nation through a “holiday like never before” - charming, relaxing, full of discover and above all exquisite.

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