Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful trip!

We are back safely in England. It is very, very cold here. Still jetlag, we wake up at 4 am in the morning and are ready for bed at 7 pm and all the food is very blend and tasteless compare to the food in Sri Lanka. I got used to Roti, fish curry and Dahl for Breakfast. Thank you so much for organising this wonderful trip for us, we had a fantastic three weeks. An experience of a lifetime ! I really hope we can come back one day. I have already talked about it to my friends and work colleagues and they all want to go to Sri Lanka.

Review by: Valerie
Country: England

We were extremely pleased and feel you encouraged us to return to Sri Lanka in the future

We would like to thank you very much for providing a wonderful driver / guide. He was our driver on a tour around many areas and famous sites of Sri Lanka. In fact, he proved to be more than a competent and careful driver. At all times he was informative on a wide range of questions about his home country, often using IT to help us learn more. We found him to be patient, interested in the pleasure of our touring and not just delivering us to a certain site. He too was inquisitive and learnt from our comments. We felt safe and comfortable with Omar and enjoyed his outgoing, friendly manner. He would search for the best route, taking special care on the chaos of the roads. In addition, when there was a small issue or problem with accommodation, he showed great initiative to resolve it easily, without fuss or embarrassment to anyone. We were extremely pleased with his work and feel he has encouraged us to return to Sri Lanka in the future.

Review by: Lesley Pickering & Christopher
Country: Sydney, Australia

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